11 Reasons Why People Migrate and What Inspired my move

As you know I will be moving to Ghana soon. I wanted to let you know what inspired me to move and what are the other reasons why people migrate. You may relate and consider migrating yourself or at least travelling more and seeing what else is out there.

For those who don’t know, I used to work in the social care sector and went on a 6 months sabbatical to Ghana in 2011-2012. After returning from Ghana and seeing so many opportunities, my heart was no longer in my job and when working in this sector you have to give 100% as you are dealing with people’s lives.

So before I finally left my job, I had to battle with this decision in my head and decide what I would do once I left. During this time I had this Kelly Price song ‘Its Gonna Rain’ on repeat. It really got me thinking and helped me get through the way I was feeling. Here are some lines from the song that helped:

  • ‘Something in my soul ain’t right, I can’t sleep at night. Wondering when the change gone come, feeling that I’m not the only one’.
  • ‘This pain just drives me crazy, feels like I’m going insane, but I’ve got to be strong’.
  • ‘It will rain, there will be pain (only for a little while). Troubles will come (understand), count it on joy.
  • Morning will come, after the rain the sun will shine. Keep your head high, coz God will take care of you’.

When ANY aspects of your life do not feel right it can take its toll on your mind, body and soul and sometimes manifest into health issues, so it gets to a point where you have to take action and fix whatever is not right.


Let me know if you can relate. If you have any questions, please ask.


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