What happened the night before I migrated to Ghana?

Hi guys, hope your going well.
Ok, so its the night before I leave to begin a life in Ghana

I have been running around like a headless chicken purchasing my creature comforts that my mum will ship to me later as I have no time, moving money around, withdrawing money, saying bye to friends and family, responding to letters and finalising bills.


My personal items to ship

I mean come on, look at the mess I have created.

I really do not feel ready to go but part of me feels like I needed this kick, if not I would have found reasons to stay in London longer. The reality is, conditions will never be 100% perfect, there will always be those letters to respond to, that bill that needs paying, SO I actually could end up waiting for ever. So sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and leave.

Ive packed a suitcase full of clothes and the other I am packing full of accessories, creature comforts eg, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, wet wipes, rice, tuna). By the way, they do sell my creature comforts in Ghana but they are more expensive.

If anyone can lend you a free cupboard in their house for any items you want to leave behind that would be great, rather than spending money on storage. I have been staying with my mum to the lead up of me migrating so have to clear all my belongings so they do not get in anyone’s way…

My belongings packed in a cupboard
I am going to continue on with that and I will catch up with you guys later.

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