Are Pillars Columns?

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The foundation pillars are being set, they use the term pillars and columns but I swear they are the same thing #confused.

The foreman called to say he was running out of binding wire so I should buy some and bring it. As I was on the way to buy the binding wire he called for me to buy 10 more bags of cement. Where I bought the binding wire from (K.Ofori, Kwabenya) had run out of cement so I had to go all the way back to where I came from to try Antis (Kwabenya) but they said they were closed really so needed to find me a driver. I explained this to the foreman and he was just telling me to bring the binding wire because he needs it so I left the shop to go straight to the site. When I got to the site he was saying he needs the extra 10 bags of cement. Huh?! Well I can’t help him now as he told me to leave it while I was in the shop, he has to use the 5 he has left and we will have to continue on Monday.

He was saying by the time he wants to start on Monday I will be sleeping (true! Lol) so I should either give him the money, try and get it tomorrow being Sunday (no shops are open) or wake early to buy them on Monday. Do I really want to wake at 6am on Monday? No and Do I really want to give him the money to buy it? No. Hummm I will have to ponder on this one.

The foreman said this was not the way he wanted to cast the bed of the foundation but as the rain has fallen so much it filled the columns with mud so if they are left to cast the trenches first they will fill up again, therefore double labour to dig out the columns.

Mud and water pilling up so stones used to fill the beds
Mud and water pilling up so stones used to fill the beds

Once they cast all pillar beds, they will be left to dry:

Columns once dried
What they look like once dried.

Todays Lesson: In construction, issues or problems like weather arise and delay things or change the method which is to be used, make allowances for this and try not to let it stress you out.

Peace x

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