BANG! Goes the tyre.

Hi, It’s me again, On my way back home from the market, parts of Accra were closed off so there was sooooo much traffic so when we got to St. John’s past Achimota, I was driving close to the driver in front to avoid people cutting in (I know I know it’s bad but that is how they drive here and if you can’t beat them join them lol) anyway so I was driving along and the front tyre dropped in a huge pothole BANG!! Then the back tyre. I then started to hear and feel something wasn’t right, it surely wasn’t as the front tyre had burst! Oh oh, not good!
Flat tyre

I’ve learnt to be calm in such situations, even in London- what can you do? But man, these damn pot holes, Ghana really need to fix up on their roads. it’s dangerous and annoying! (But let me not start on that right now)
So I checked to see if I had a spare, luckily I did. We asked some boys at the bus stop to help change the tyre but every time they tried to lift my car with the jack I had, it dropped, great!
So luckily my uncle was back in the traffic so stopped by us and we used his jack. By this point I was just fed up, it was late and I was hungry.

When my uncle saw the spare tyre he asked if it was for a motorbike, because it looked so small lol. That was quite funny but it does the job. The boys were soooo helpful and really wanted to make sure they could sort the tyre for me. My uncle gave them 10ghc for their troubles. They were very happy with that!
The ‘motorcycle’ spare got me home. So we thank God for that.

I will get the local mechanic to come and get me a new tyre. When I say new I mean second hand, new to me. Home used as they call it here in Ghana.

Bye for now x

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