Bed is fully casted

Hi Beautiful people, After all the ups and downs with the replacement cement story, materials and the costs of them shooting up, cement from 24Ghc to 24.50Ghc to 28Ghc to 30Ghc to 35Ghc and 38Ghc…oh boi, all within the space of 3 months.

The foundation bed has finally been casted, Yippee!!

Trenches fully casted

I now have to buy a next set of materials for the block work. I’m looking forward to this part as I will actually get to see the actual room sizes and the site is looking too congested right now.

After a site visit I gave the foreman money to buy 1000 blocks to get started (2.50Ghc per block) I’ve been told I will need 2500 pieces in total.
I was ok to give him the money for this because I had already been around to different block factories and found out the prices and quality I want (I chose quarry dust blocks, they are more expensive but are stronger for the foundation).
Block factory
Once the blocks get delivered to site I will collect the receipt and can roughly count them. I am unable to go with him and would like them to make a start ASAP.

Cement is seriously scars in Ghana at the moment so everywhere I call doesn’t have any in stock or are charging too much, so I will have to wait until it comes back in stock or buy each bag for 38Ghc which I am not prepared to do.
So waiting game it is then…hehe

Today’s Thought: Give yourself plenty of time to do projects in Ghana otherwise you may have to make rush/pressure purchases at an extremely high cost. However it can be more economical if you have some time on your hands to look around and wait things out.

Bye for now x

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