Block work shenanigans

Hey beautiful people, The block work is well on its way.
They finished the 2600 blocks I originally bought so I was told to buy another 200. They then finished the 200 and I was told to purchase another 100 as it was not enough. Typical!

New batch of blocks

So in total that’s 400 more blocks I had to buy in addition to the 2500 pieces I was originally told.

However the sand has finished and they need more to complete the block work, so I called the supplier I usually use and specifically asked for medium texture sand for block work, he said no problem they would deliver it to the site as usual.
When the sand got to the site, the workers tried to use it but the texture of the sand was so rough it made the work look untidy and as it had clay pieces in it the consistency of the cement was no good.

I called the supplier to say I can’t use it so do they want to come and take it back, he said said sorry he cannot come and collect it (too much hassle), he said there is no medium texture sand in the system due to the rain so I should wait 2 month (funny šŸ˜³) and he will give me a discount on the next trip of sand I buy. I’m sorry that’s not good enough, it’s nonsense to be fair because he should have told me all of this before they delivered it to the site so I could have had a choice on the matter. I usually pay 600Ghc for this 20m3 trip of sand so as I haven’t paid yet I will go and discuss the matter with the supplier as there’s no way I will be paying that 600Ghc. The foreman said they tried again but cannot use it so he has to go and buy a different sand from somewhere else for 400Ghc for 14m3. Huff!

Bad sand good sand

I went to see the supplier about the dodgy sand they supplied me. I had been advised that I can use this sand as filling material later on so after bartering back and forth I gave them 250Ghc instead on the 600ghc…And we will say no more about it, hehe.



Block work

Block work

Today’s Thought: When you are spending your own money, do not be pressured to do what suits others. It is your money so do what makes you feel comfortable. Be firm in your decisions.

Bye for now x

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