Car Trouble

Hi beautiful people,
I got dressed and ready to go to site but when I started the engine on my car Gertrude (that’s her her name), it started then cut out…I sparked it again and it made a weird noise then cut out, I tried it again and again but it just made a tick tick noise.

Background on Gertrude is I bought her in Ghana about 2 years as I was spending far too much money on taxis. So it just made sense to get a little run around (automatic with air-con) to help get me around and used to driving on these crazy Ghana roads. When I’m not in Ghana I leave it parked outside my friends house (see my post My First Week in Ghana about that)

Gertrude the car

Anyway, I was hoping it was the battery, my friend next door swapped my battery with his but still no signs of life. So I had to find a local mechanic to come and have a look. My next door neighbour didn’t have one so I called someone else who said she would call her mechanic and call me back (a call back which never happened).
My friend that used to work on my car in London (who has also migrated to Ghana) was too far so I had no choice but to call the mechanic that works on my uncles car from another area (TT, the mechanic that changed my tyre in my post Bang! Goes the tyre). He said he would come down and have a look. He came with 4 other people, I don’t know why so many.
They looked at the car and he said it’s the starter motor but because it’s too late his workers will come back tomorrow to take it off and go fix it. So I should give them money for transport and the petrol they used to come there, huff…these people! So I gave them 20Ghc (£3.50).

Today’s Thought: Some people here in Ghana expect you to pay for everything even if you are calling them for a job that you will in turn pay them for (simply because you are from abroad). Maybe I should call this their ‘call out charge’ as we call it in UK.

Catch you later x

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