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Building quotes
OK, so I’ve received all the quotes back for the foundations of my building and they have come in at very similar prices so I will meet with them each again to go through them and see what they can do in terms of reductions, then instruct one.
After meeting with them I gave the contract to the company that started the foundation initially but I stopped the work because once I went back to London the foreman was telling me materials had gone missing so I told them to stop work and wait for me to come back, as I do not hear such stories when I am in Ghana overseeing the project. So now I am back in town, we can resume work, however this decision did mean that the money I had spent before on labour and materials has now gone to waste BUT I feel much more comfortable now I am back in Ghana and can take better control over the project (yes I am a control freak, but hey). When people say that you have to be there where doing business in Ghana, they are not wrong!

Today’s Thought: When doing business in Ghana, you have to physically be in Ghana as you will hear too many stories of why things have NOT been done so a lot of your money will go to waste.

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