Duppy knows who to frighten!

The Encroachment notice handed to the foreman.

Hi guys, I was woken out of my sleep early in the morning to be informed that some people have come to the land to hand the foreman a letter (a notice that I have seen stuck on peoples walls further down, but I was told that my land was not affected). The letter is informing the people in the area that they have encroached and built on land that was not rightfully sold to them, as a court case was won by the Odai Ntow family so that makes any land sold null and void so we should call them to discuss the matter. I immediately called the man I bought the land from who said I should get the letter and come and see him, then I called my uncle to update him as I told him when I saw it stuck on other peoples buildings. I stopped panicking and got ready to go to the site.

When I went to go and collect the letter, I called the foreman who said he had already left WITH THE LETTER! Huff..didn’t I say I was coming to pick it up?! So I will have to meet him later for it.

So I called a neighbour at work to call his wife at home to see if she also received one. He called his wife who said she saw the men who handed it out but they didn’t give one to her (hummm) he then called the chairman of the area who came to my site to say the people that gave the notice should not be coming to this land as there is no litigation problems there, he was very angry they came and said if they come back I should call him. He was saying that if this notice was legit why didn’t him or my neighbours wife get one? Which is very true…As the Jamaican saying goes ‘duppy knows who to frighten’. I hope this is a scam and they are just trying their luck for money, I will monitor this situation and keep you posted.

The Encroachment notice handed to the foreman.
The Encroachment notice handed to the foreman.

I got home just in time as it started to rain, I hate driving in the rain. I had to wait in the car for a bit as it was coming down to heavy,as it wasn’t letting up I had to run to the door in the rain. It rained really bad in the whole of Accra, there were floods everywhere and I later heard that 2 people died a mother and daughter, the mums body was found washed up in Dome and they apparently still haven’t found the daughter, very sad news. Ghana rain is no joke so I try to avoid going out in it as much as possible, I just hope the excavation at my site won’t be affected too much by the rain

Today’s Lesson: As a ‘foreigner’ coming to Ghana…Don’t be stuck up! make and maintain friendships with those around you because when problems like this arise they will be the ones that come to your aid and help.

Peace out x

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