I have finally arrived in Ghana!

Hi everyone,
So I have finally landed in Kotoka Airport, Accra, Ghana. You know you are in Ghana when that heat just hits your face and you get a smell which is indescribable; to me it’s a bit like dried fish (Ghanaian fish). Once I got off that plane I had a feeling come over me like I knew I was home and this was my final destination!

Kotoka airport arrivalsEven though I used my British passport on the trip instead of my Ghana passport, I was thinking which queue for the ‘Foreign nationals’ or ‘Ghana Citizens’. I looked at the queues and the one for foreign nationals was too long so I used the one for Ghanaian citizens seems as I was using a dual citizenship card with my British passport (Let me know if you would like to know more about the Dual citizenship, if you have this you won’t have to keep getting visa’s). As I waited to be seen I filled in the white immigration card and was seen and cleared immigration in no time at all.

As I was waiting at the conveyer belt for my luggage and making small talk with a fellow traveller I realised I was missing a bag…MY LAPTOP BAG!! A sense of panic set in and I said to the lady I was speaking to that I had left my laptop bag on the plane, she shouted for me to hurry and check if it was still there. I ran so fast I could have given Usain Bolt a run or his money. I had to run back to immigration to ask if I would be allowed to go back to the plane, at this point I saw the cabin staff walking through so I told one of them who then told me to speak to one of the airport staff who radioed through to the plane and they said they had retrieved it so I could go back to the plane to get it!!! Thank goodness for that because I don’t know how the hell I would have managed without my laptop and iPad…I mean how would I be able to communicate with you beautiful people?!
I got to the plane and was reunited with my laptop bag, so my journey could now continue.

After that ordeal I went back to the conveyer belt and my luggage still wasn’t there. Every time I’m waiting for my luggage I get scared that it’s going to come out broken, open or not at all, lol. However all was well and I got my two cases, then had to go through to where they check the content of your luggage…I hate the part. When I was walking through I was told to come over and open my bags but because I was taking too long to find my padlock key she said I could go…I was very happy about this.
Then to the last part where airport officials check your luggage tags to make sure they are yours as before people would leave the airport with other people’s luggage!

I was finally out doing the walk of fame, where everyone is staring at you, lol. Then you have people saying ‘Taxi?’ Taxi?’
I called the person who was to pick me up, he said he was still at home! and will leave now…WHAT?! He lives a good 45mins away from the Airport. So I ended up sitting with the traveller I was talking to earlier as the person who was picking her up was just leaving the house too…huff typical.
A new one to make money at the airport now is random people asking you if you want to call ‘your loved ones’ from their phone…for a FEE!! Lol
The other one is random men asking to help you with your luggage, I always say no but it’s funny to see me with my skinny self struggling with 23kg luggage insisting I don’t need any help!

I waited for ages, luckily at 6am the weather is nice and cool, so I was texting my family and friends in London to let them know I had reached…I was finally picked up by someone else in the end but who cares, I had landed safely and was finally in Gh baby!!

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