Gertrude goes into Hospital

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After my post Car Trouble, the following morning 2 of the workers came back as promised. They couldn’t take off the starter motor so I noticed they were taking more and more parts out of the car to get to where the starter motor is…jeeeeze. By about 5pm they said they still are not able to remove it so will have to come back the following day with a drill.

They came back the following day and they managed to remove the part, so they took it to fix it, saying this would cost 50Ghc (£8.50). I gave them the money, they went and brought it back and the car still didn’t start. So they called their boss TT the mechanic who said he will come and look at as it must be the engine.
TT came the following day as promised, he couldn’t do anything on site so said Gertrude needs to be towed to his workshop in Tiafa. He called a tow company who charged 70Ghc (£12). I had to kiss goodbye to Gertrude for a while.

Bye Bye Gertrude, you will surely be missed 😥 x
Bye Bye Gertrude, you will surely be missed 😥 x

I asked him how much it would be to fix her and he said 500Ghc (£85) which I believe he told me was for parts and labour. To be fair it did seem like he plucked this figure out of the sky because I found it strange he knew how much it would cost as he hadn’t striped the engine to find out the actual problem but I just really needed the car back. It was a Friday and he said he would be able to get it completed in 3 days so by Tuesday, so I gave him 400Ghc (£67) to get it done.
(August 2014 rate £1 = 6Ghc)

Today’s Thought: Do not act out of desperation, it’s always good to get a second opinion.

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