Gertrude is back on the road and full of Vim!

Hi beautiful people,

After buying a new engine, the new mechanics fitted and tested it. They said all seems to be well. I was then faced with another 970Ghc (£194) bill for the parts and their labour:
New bill

I was able to reduce it by 150Ghc (£30, which is not much but every penny counts) as they could use part of the old engine as scraps and I then kept certain parts like starter motor, timing belt and oil filter as spares. When they tested the car they said the bearing hubs are worn so making noise when driving but the part is 400Ghc (£80). The noise is very annoying but I can’t afford this at moment so I will use it like that until I have the funds to fix it.

Today’s Thought: Its always useful to have a contingency fund as all the spending on the car here and there all adds up, I have now spent 3,220Ghc (£540) on the car! Money that was not budgeted for at all.

But such is life eh.


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