Gertrude is Finally home!!

Hi guys,
After my post Still No Sign of Gertrude, I am happy to say she is finally home after a total of 4 weeks!!!!

Now TT the mechanic comes to say I need to pay his labour of 200ghc and the electricians 70ghc. Is he having a laugh?! I thought his labour was included in that 500Ghc I gave him and look how long I’ve had to wait to get the car back. After going back and forth he said forget the money then if I don’t want to pay him and was about to leave (I should have known something was not right at this point) I ended up giving him 120Ghc and 30Ghc to the electricians.

I can’t lie, when driving the car it felt a bit shaky and loud so I thought I would drive her for the day and see how it goes. I drove her the following day to the site and meet a friend, when I was leaving the site she wouldn’t move in drive or reverse, only after fighting with the gear box did she finally shift then when I was driving home the engine just cut out mid flow. I was able to start it again and got home safe.

I called TT the mechanic when I got home and he said he would come and look at her the following day. He came and said the accelerator just needs more fire and the gear box needs an oil top up so I need to buy 2 litres for 15Ghc (£2.50) each. After calling a friend he said 1 litre will do so I gave him 15Ghc to get 1.
He went and brought the car back that same day..Errmm when I drove her I was almost in tears as she came back worse than before! Every time I put my foot on the accelerator, the engine cut out and this TT is telling me it’s not his work, he took it to the electrician and they said the Collaborator needs changing as to why it keeps cutting out (how bloody convenient). I told him I couldn’t afford it so he said he would see if his friend could give it to me now to install and I give them the money in 2 weeks. Remember what I said in post Replacing cement smells fishy to me….When your worker starts to offer you their own money to replace something and you can pay them back later…know that they have cheated you somewhere along the line…and are about to cheat you some more!
I said its cool just let me know the cost first, he never did.

Today’s Thought: Never pay the first price given to you, barter them down.

Bye for now x

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