Gertrude Needs A New Heart

Hi Guys,

It was all smiles and Azontoing in my last post Gertrude is Finally home but unfortunately it is doom and gloom today as I tried to drive her (the day after she come home) but the engine just kept cutting out so I called TT the mechanic but he didn’t seem to care as he had been paid for the work so said he can’t come to me I should bring Gertrude to his workshop…Are you kidding me?! The car won’t even take me half a mile!

So I decided instead of going back and forth with him and him making me change every single part in the car one after the other (I could just see this happening) I would ask my mechanic friend from London to take a look at it for me. However getting Gertrude to his workshop in Asylum Down area was going to be a problem because every time I break the car the engine cuts out…

So I risked my life taking Gertrude to my mechanic friend. I had to go through Circle, one of the busiest places in Accra with the car cutting out every 5 seconds. The trotro drivers were insulting the hell out of me that day. The street sellers were coming to my rescue. This 45 min journey took me 2 hours!
I got Gertrude to my friend and he tried everything possible in the time that I was there to repair the car to no avail, there was even a hole in the hose connecting the engine so they hoped it was letting air into the engine but sealing the hole didn’t solve the problem.

Hole in hose

I therefore had to leave her AGAIN so they could figure out the problem and get a taxi home.😩😫

The following day my friend called to say the parts in the car are old parts so TT the mechanic that ‘fixed it’ didn’t even buy the replacement parts he charged me for apart from some valves, oil filter, a timing belt and oil. I wanted to call him straight away and demand my money back but my friend said I should wait for the parts to use as physical evidence. Fine I will wait, but I was fuming!!😡

My friend said they have stripped the engine and it is so far messed up that he does not want to keep on buying new parts for the engine or half an engine as this still may not solve the problem so he advised me to buy a new engine! OH MAN… These are the words I was dreading to hear! I could have cried, I actually think I did shed a tear. As I know anything to do with an engine is expensive. He said I was looking at 1500Ghc – 2000Ghc (£250-£340) but he would ask around.

So in the meantime I spoke to a police officer I know to see where I stand on the matter, he said I should give him the guys number to call him to the office to solve the matter or he could go there and arrest him. I said let me do my own sting operation and at least speak to him first and see what happens before I get him arrested, so the officer said fine give him the benefit of the doubt but if I have any problems I should call him back.

Today’s Thought: Once you have paid certain workers in full, you can forget about them caring about after care service. Once they have been paid they don’t care anymore, some don’t even answer your calls let alone come back if there is a problem.

Bye for now x


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