How to deal with a con man in Ghana Pt 2 – Pay Day!

Hi guys,

After setting up my Sting operation ‘It’s about to go down’ (said in Kevin harts voice) and creating the Chinese whisper, A week later as agreed TT the mechanic came early morning with my money. I’m not a morning person so I was tired. He brought 200Ghc (£40) and said that’s all he can afford to pay. I told him that was not good enough so he said I will have to wait until he sells the parts he bought as replacements. I told him that wasn’t my problem so as it’s morning and I don’t want to talk to much if this is how he wants to play it, let me just hand the case over to a police officer who can asses the case and then decide on the outcome and how much he should pay, so if the officer says he should pay double what I asked for, that will be his own fault and then he will see that I was being fair.

He huffed and puffed and then said he will bring the 100Ghc (£20) balance by next week Tuesday….Like I thought…Nonsense!

Which he did as promised. First thing Wednesday morning he was at the door to hand me an envelope with my balance of 100Ghc. I thought thank you and I hope to never see you or do business with you again!

So the results of my Sting operation ‘It’s about to go down’ were pretty positive wouldn’t you agree?

Just call me Chief Constable CID Akua… Hehe. I’m just glad that it’s all over to be honest.

Me in police uniform

Today’s Thought: Don’t be afraid to fight for what is right! Stand your ground and push for what you want. Get the police on side if you need to…sometimes that’s the only language people understand. Be patient, keep calm and take your time to deal with them properly.

Bye for now x

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