How to deal with a con man in Ghana Pt 1- Chinese whisper

Hi guys,

After the start of my Sting Operation ‘It’s about to go down’ (said in Kevin Hart’s voice) Low and behold the driver that overheard my conversation with my aunt had surely passed on our indirect message about getting the police involved because the following day I was woken out of my sleep that TT the mechanic had come to see me.

He had come to bring me replacements parts of the parts I showed him (welldone to those of you that guessed right). I was so baffled, I told him they were useless to me as I had to buy a completely new engine so the money he used to buy them he should of brought to me. He said the shop credited them to him as he explained the situation to them. There was a stereo on the table so I gave him an example of if he gave his stereo to someone to fix and when they brought the stereo back every time he turned up the volume the stereo cut out, would he say they had fixed the stereo and pay them for that? No…Exactly!

Therefore why should I pay him for what he did to my car. So he asked my uncle how much I want back,  I said half of what I gave him which was 300Ghc. I explained that I was being fair as I know he did some work on the car as it was completely dead before. He looked like he wanted to cry and said he will have to sweat to get me that money, oh I’m sorry did I just pick up my money from the floor to give him?! After making more statements that I didn’t care about he agreed to the repayment amount. When I asked for a time frame he said 3 weeks, I was like hell no, when I gave the money to him I gave it to him straight away, he didn’t give me 3 weeks to pay. So I said I want it by the end if the week, if not I will know what to do (get the police involved).

When he left my aunt was cussing me that I’m a fool because I should have asked for the full 500Ghc I gave him for the parts because when someone cheats you and you are able to catch them, you have to make them pay properly so they think twice before they do it again to another person. I understand what she is saying, do you agree with her too?


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