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Hey beautiful people,
Today I went to Kaneshie market. ‘Kaneshie Market is a trading centre in Kaneshie, Accra. It was built in the 1970s. The name Kaneshie means ‘under the lamp’ referring to its beginnings as a night market. I have been there many times before but that was some years ago now.
I went with my aunt to get some food. Boy was it busy!Busy Kaneshie Market

You need to go there with full shoes (not slippers), headscarf and no bag. Things move so fast there it’s really easy to lose something. That’s just my luck too, having something go missing and crying in the middle of the market, lol.

The food like tomatoes, pepper and stuff like that is really reasonably prices compared to the supermarkets (but I guess that’s the same for every country).
We stopped off by a lady selling headscarfs and you know how much I love them!

Me in headscarfs

I ended up getting these 4 scarfs for 5Ghc (which is now currently £1) can you believe this?! I’m really happy lol. The blue and red one is from New Look in the UK and because it had a pull in the fabric she gave it to me for 1.5Ghc (like 30 pence!!!!) come on that is a ridiculous bargain because you know it would be close to £10 in UK. I do love a good bargain!
Scarfs purchased
We went to the butchers and I met a lovely guy who sells goats (I know that sounds weird right?). He was talking me through all the parts of the goat as I was looking for some spare ribs then led on to ask me for a date…you see if you give certain people an inch they will take a mile (as I shake my head), thanks but no thanks mate!

As for the meat, this is not so cheap in Ghana. The way they slaughter animals I can honestly see why people become vegetarians…
Goat meat

Food for thought, Laters…


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