Material shopping begins

Hi beautiful people,
I had to wake up at the crack of dawn today (8am! Yes that’s early for me) to meet the architect to buy the materials he needs to set out the excavation so that can dig deeper than they went before as time has passed and filled up what they previously dug (yes, double costs for me, but find out why here). I made the conscious decision to buy the materials myself because here in Ghana that is a way they will use to cheat you. Tell you a price for materials but buy them for significantly less and pocket the rest of the money, or they will take you to a shop where they have already told the shop assistant to charge you much higher so once you pay they go back later and get their share of the money . So I go to the shops on my own beforehand and ask around to get prices before I decide where to buy them from. I’m not saying everyone will cheat you, actually I am saying that so just try to minimise how much they can cheat you.

Today I bought: (now £1 to 5Ghc)
20 Wawa board – 11ghc each
25 Pegs – 1.50p each
5 Lines – 2ghc each
20 m3 Sand – 500ghc
I also needed a box of 3 inch nails, last year it was 35ghc, now it is 45ghc (huff!) where I bought the board they were 50ghc but as I had previously enquired at Antis (nationwide hardware store), I went back to purchase them and take them to the site myself. I know it’s only 5ghc (currently £1) difference but on a project like this and with a budget like mine, believe me when I say every penny counts, lol.
I got to the site just I time to watch them offloading the materials so I could count everything and pay for the delivery.
Offloading materials

They are due to start work soon. Let’s hope all will be well.

Today’s Thought: Whatever project you do, buy your own materials and do your due diligence on the costs of them.

Bye for now x

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