Material shopping Bother

Hi beautiful people, the excavation work has been going on for 3 days now. They have been digging the columns concurrently as they need to be deeper (4 feet).


The foreman has been on at me for us to meet to buy more materials, I’ve been telling him to give me a break, why do we need to buy these materials now when they haven’t even finished digging the excavation. I was told that he needs to get the steal bender to do work on the iron rods before hand so he needs them asap, fair enough. However last year when I was here, I bought all the iron rods but when I went back to London some of them were ‘misplaced/stolen’ so muggings here has to folk out again for some more, so if they go ‘missing’ again I’ve warned him that on his head be it.

I finally agreed to meet him and I bought: (Rate- £1 to 5.50ghc)

14mm Iron rods – 19.50ghc each (Needed 16 mm but they didn’t have any and these will be used for the columns at the front of the building, so they will not bare much weight).
12mm Iron Rods – 12.40ghc each
8mm Iron rods – 7ghc each
Binding wire – 20ghc for half
Cement – 24.00ghc
Delivery – 35ghc

Once they were delivered to the site, they were put into the store room which I built last year, it will later be converted into a little store.

Iron rods and store room

Today’s Lesson: Do what you can to avoid materials being stolen as you are the one that will have to pay to replace them again…be vigilant don’t just leave it up to the foreman/architect/project manager.

Bye for now x

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  1. Good golly where did you buy your materials? I’m doing a project in Ghana and I can’t be there to be on top of things so I left it to my cousin. He told me he bought cement for 35ghc and this was about 2 weeks ago. If you don’t mind, I’d like to know where you bought your materials and if it was bought recently? Thanks.. Oh i love your blog btw! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hi Linda, thanks.
      It depends on what materials I am buying, the cement I buy from either K.Ofori, Antis or Nana K. These are the large suppliers in Accra. (I will add the locations in future posts)
      These posts were to be uploaded a month ago so I’m working on bringing the blog up to date (please bare with me)
      However as of 2 weeks ago, Gacem (higher priced brand) was 35ghc and Sol which is apparently just as good was 31.50ghc. So find out which brand was bought.
      what are is your project? As cement in Kumasi is more expensive than Accra.


      • That makes a lot of sense lol. It’s in Kasoa, Accra/Central Region. My dad and I are building a couple of houses together. I’m not sure where he bought the materials from but I have asked him to keep every receipt and he sends me regular updates as well as send me emails on the expenses and budget. So far it’s been good but for a second there i thought i was getting ripped off due to the price difference lol. Thanks for getting back to me 🙂

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