Boat Ride in Ada Foah

Hi Everyone, Greetings from Accra, Ghana.
Ive been in Ghana for going on a week now, but I think as its Easter I am still in holiday mode as my sister and cousins are in Ghana for the Easter holidays I’ve been drawn into the chill-ups.

Boat Ride in Ada Foah
Boat Ride in Ada Foah

My first port of call was to sort out mobile phone chips. I already have MTN and Airtel chips so I need to get my numbers reconnected as these are the numbers I have on my business cards, so off to the mall I go. Thankfully my friend said I could borrow her car to save on the taxi cost, as fuel has gone up so taxi fares were on a all time high.

When I got to the phone stores they both said things have changed and if a number is inactive for more than 3 months they reissue the number. SHOCK HORROR!! As before it used to be 12 months. So I had to change both of my numbers which is annoying, as now I have to change my business cards…huff. Each chip cost 2Ghc (50p, with the rate £1 = 4.0GHc).

I had my car sitting outsides a friend while I was back in London and I had taken the key with me and the battery out yet when I arrived the car had been moved…hahaha…anything is possible in Ghana. So my second port of call was to get the car on the road, as it has been moved I wasn’t sure if there was a mechanical fault or just a matter of buying a battery for it. If I asked my friend I know I wouldn’t get the answers I’m looking for so I had to do a trial and error. Firstly I had to go and buy a new battery and bring someone to come and fit it, the car still didn’t start so I had to go and buy a gallon of petrol and put that in…that seemed to have done the trick!!

WOOHOO ! I’m back on the road! I really don’t want to use all my money taking taxis as the prices have gone up because of the ‘fuel’, they use the increase in fuel as the reason for any problem in Ghana! Lol

Bye for now x

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