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Hi Guys,

I have come out of my depressed state after hearing I needed to buy a new heart (engine) for Gertrude.

My mechanic friend and I went to Abosokwan (the car parts area in Accra).

Car parts place in accra

image of engines

I had to purchase a home use engine (not brand new) which cost me 1500Ghc (£250) reduced from 1700Ghc (£285). I mean I could have cried handing that money over as this was honestly money I didn’t have and an expense I did not budget for. I was actually starting to eat into my building fund and that is never a good idea, I know. However I felt like life was slowing down without the car, because using 2/3 taxis a day was not practical or economical at all, so I really needed Gertrude back to good health so that the sacrifice I had to make.

What would you have done in this situation, pay to get back on the road or do without your car?

After paying for the engine, I got a taxi lined up (it was too big and oily for my friends car) but the workers at the shop said then need 50Ghc (£8.50) before they lift the engine to put in the taxi. As you can imagine, after handing all that money over for the engine I was not in the best of moods so I couldn’t even be bothered to barter with them, I just knew I was not paying it…that is daylight robbery because what are they sitting there getting paid for. So I went to tell the owner of the shop I don’t have any more money, what foolishness is this as it’s his role to pay his workers not mine. He then told the workers to put the engine in the taxi for me and that was that. The cheek of some people!

image of home use engine

Today’s Thought: When spending in Ghana please please don’t keep working the money out in Pounds or Dollars and thinking things are cheap because everything adds up because so far I have now spent 2,250Ghc (£400) on the car! And I still haven’t got my parts and labour bill from the current mechanics for fitting this new engine. (Gertrude back on road)

Bye for now x

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