'Replacing' cement smells fishy to me

Hi beautiful people,
I have now been in Ghana for a while now. How time flys. The project has been moving along nicely and they have started casting the foundation trenches:

Casting of the foundation trenches
Casting of the foundation trenches

Concrete levelling

I had to go to Kumasi for a while for a funeral so I had to stock up on materials and leave the workers to get on with it in my absence.

While I was in Kumasi the foreman called me to say he needed some more cement so he would go and borrow it from a neighbour until I was back and could replace it…I said No (because I don’t trust operations like this). When I got back from Kumasi, he said he had borrowed 10 bags from the neighbour and 20 bags from his ‘mason’ that lives locally….hummm how convenient. So now he expects ME to replace 30 bags of cement that I have no guarantee that this transaction even took place. He’s having a laugh, don’t you think?
We argued for some time as I said I am not replacing them as I did not give him the authorisation to do it and he can’t make decisions with someone else money especially as I was at the end of the telephone and told him not to borrow them. His argument was that I am always giving them pressure to provide results and as the concrete mixing machine was paid for and on site, that it made sense to make use of it and finish the work instead of being charged for another day.
Concrete mixerWhich makes sense but the point is he could have told me he borrowed 100 bags of cement and all I would of had is his word (which I’m sorry, is not good enough) and I would have to find money to replace them…and that’s what I can’t get with.
So I spoke to my uncle for his advice as I was so angry I was not prepared to replace the cement not in a hurry anyway just to teach him a lesson.
When your worker starts to offer you their own money to replace something and you can pay them back later…know that they have cheated you somewhere along the line…FACT! (and that’s what my foreman offered me, so the whole situation smelt fishy to me).
Anyway after speaking to my uncle he said there was not much I could do as I cannot prove he has cheated me, the work had been completed so I should give the foreman a very stern warning (something I am very good at, lol) that this should never happen again and then I should replace the cement.

You don’t know how much it hurt me to hand over that 1,280Ghc (£260) to ‘replace’ those bags of cement! And that day I also needed 40 bags of cement myself so bought 70 bags in total, so as you can imagine I had to pay out a lot!
When the cement got to site I sat there and watched them use all they could for that day then counted what was left for the following day!
Using the cement

It even pains me to think about it so I will leave this post here.

Today’s Thought: I am honestly not being cynical but when people say they are trying to help you, don’t take this at face value and just believe everything they say. Ghanaians have a habit of smiling in your face while cheating the hell out of you…which can be very painful (only real talk on my blog!)

Stay blessed x

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