Sick as a Dog!

Hi guys,
I’m sorry I haven’t sent you guys much posts/updates since being in Ghana but I have been struck down with sickness. I went to buy Kelewele (cropped up ripe plantain with a coating of pepper and ginger) from a street vendor in Tiafa and we all got sick!


However, for some reason it has hit me the most, 3 days on everyone is better and im still sick, dizzy no appetite and serious diahorrea. I haven’t eaten in 2 days! Im staying with my aunt and I don’t have my diahorrea tablets with me so I’ve just been drinking coke and water (which is meant to help). My aunt honestly uses this concuction for everything like the Robitussin medicine in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ where they use it for anything from a stomach upset to a broken leg.

Sorry guys I’ve got to go. I can’t hide anything from you guys so to be honest I cant be away from the toilet too long and ‘nature’ is calling (if you know what I mean).

Today’s Thought: Be extremely careful when eating out in general but street food can be worse as they have no running water and are out in the heat all day. Ebola and Cholera are no joke.

Bye for now x

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