Still no sign of Gertrude

Hi people,
After my post Gertrude goes to Hospital, 3 days has turned into 3 weeks and I’m still without my car (Gertrude), shocking right?
I haven’t been going out much since Gertrude has been ill, only places I have to go, so really hoping she comes back well soon.
I have heard nothing but stories from this TT the mechanic. It’s funny when they have your money the foolishness they will come up with. As I found it strange that it could take this long…so during this wait I called him to ask him to show me the parts he had replaced, which he got very upset about…shouting and telling me he had been doing this job for 15 years so knows what he is doing. So I decided to go to his workshop so he could show me. When I got there he had a piston, head gasket and spark plugs on the table saying these are what he needs to replace.
I said fine and gave him the remaining 100Ghc (£17) to buy oil and spark plugs. Every time he was supposed to bring Gertrude back, he had a new problem like the starter motor is faulty (wasn’t that what they fixed first?!), then he can hear a noise so has taken out the gear box…oh my goodness!!

He finally brought Gertrude to show me they have been ‘working on her’ and she is up and running at least…so I took her for a test drive and the brake pads were shot to pieces so when I tried to break, the car wouldn’t stop for some time (the mileage had also gone up considerably) and the air conditioning was not working…he said it is no problem to fix them and will sort it out and bring it back in 2days.
When I called on the 2nd day can you believe he said they were washing her to bring back, I waited the whole day and he didn’t bring her. Many calls and cussing later the 2 days then turned into 5 days!! I mean who does this?! It was at this point I realised I was dealing with Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney casts.

Today’s thought: When people are doing certain jobs for you, they need pressure otherwise they will relax and your job will never be completed or it will take triple the time. If you are from abroad they like to long things out so they can charge you more.

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