Sting Operation 'Its About To Go Down' (said in Kevin Hart's voice)

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Hi beautiful people,

After my post Gertrude needs a new heart,  I finally got the parts back that I needed (head gasket and piston) to confront TT the mechanic that messed up my car. So I called TT and said I need him to come to the house to look at my car as it’s leaking and I want to sell it so he should bring me a list of the parts he changed on the engine (I did not want to confront him on the phone so needed to lure him to the house some how). He said he was in town so would come when he gets back, 4 hours later I called again he said the same thing, I called again he didn’t answer then I called again and he said he was in a car back from town and would come. He never showed up. Like he knew of my operation…hehe

The following day I called him twice and he did not answer. So I spoke with my uncle who said he would call him the following day for me. Just so happens the following day my uncles car was actually leaking so he called TT the mechanic to come and fix it, and surprise surprise when my uncle called him they showed up promptly.
So I went to get the parts from my room and came to ask the mechanic if he had seen my missed calls, he said he had a fault with his phone (hummm this guy really thinks he’s dealing with a fool). I let that one slide and asked him to write down the parts he changed in my car. He looked me up and down as if I was short (like Bernie Mac would say) and said why? I said I would just like to know so you do the talking and I will do the writing, here is the list he told me:

TT the mechanics list
TT the mechanics list

To be quite honest I think he just listed all the things he remembers go in an engine because if he HAD actually changed all these parts they would have come up to more than the 500Ghc he charged me so now we know he’s lying. Anyway I then went to surprise him and present my compelling evidence, Exhibit A and B:

Image of the parts as evidence

You should of seen his face, like he had seen the ghost of Christmas past. I proceeded to tell him these are the parts from my engine he ‘fixed’ and they happen to be the same parts he had on the table at his workshop telling me he would replace them (see post: Still no sign of Gertrude). He started making a scene waving arms and looking like he wants to cry saying he curses the day he met me and he has never had this problem before all these years of fixing cars (that’s because it’s the Ghanaian culture not to complain about services provided just grin and bare it then moan to those around them). So I’m here to change that spell of luck he’s had all these years, as it’s only luck that has allowed him to get away with things like this all this time. So we went back and forth arguing to the point where he would only listen to what my uncle said and not me. So I said I want my money back as I had to buy a new engine, he said straight away that he can’t give me my money back. So my uncle asked him to go and bring the parts he took out of the car and we will take it from there (however we all know he would have to be a magician to pull that off).
That same evening my aunt and I went out with the driver who is the mechanic friend, so we arranged to have a conversation about this matter in the drivers presence. We were saying that if TT does not bring my money by next week I will get him arrested, we were going on and on as my aunt knew that even though the driver was sitting there like he wasn’t listening, he would go back and tell tell TT everything.

Lets see what TT the mechanics next move is…what do you think?

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