The notice was fake!

Hi guys,
This is an update on my post ‘Duppy knows who to frighten’. I took the notice to the man I bought the land from and he said it is fake they are just trying to extort money out of people in the area. Hoping that people will call the number on the notice and then they can spin you some lines in hope that you will pay up…how sad!
The man I bought the land from was very angry this has happened as the land is not pat of the lands that has litigation problems, he said if they come around again I should call him straight away. So far they haven’t been back.

Today’s Thought: When purchasing land do your due diligence and buy from a reputable company or a person that can be vouched for, has a lot of land in the area or is well known so you can find them if any problems arise. Also in situations like this don’t panic and contact the people, ask around and take time to decide the right cause of action…which in this case was DO NOTHING!

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