Building project update: They are finally filling the foundation!

Hello beautiful people,

This is a follow up from my post my Ghana road and how I start my day. This is a video of what happened when I got to the site.
They began the filling of the foundation so I went to check the progress. When I arrived they had already excavated the back of the land and used what they dug out to fill the foundations but there was then a fault on the machine (typical!!) which they finally resolved so were able to continue to fill the foundation with the sand I provided.

I also took this opportunity to give you guys a brief tour of the area.

Take care for now x

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  1. Hello, 🙂Issabell here, I really enjoy your videos cuz it’s very informative and fun. I have questions, Please.I really want to buy a land in Accra. Can you please give Tipps on buying a land in Accra? And how much did it roughly cost you to build a foundation? Is it advisable to buy cement from Kumasi and bring it to Accra since Accra is too expensive? Best regards.

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