How I saved 2000Ghc (£400) on building materials!

Now Gertrude is back on the road, My first port of call was to co-ordinate the commencement of the work on site…so I went to meet the foreman to find out what the next steps are as the block work is finito and how we will go about filling the foundation.

The foreman said they need to manually fill around the foundation wall and remove some of the surrounding wall before the excavator machine can come to site if not some of the foundation walls may break and the machine needs ample space.
He told me he enquired about the cost of the filling material and they said 400Ghc (£80) per 14m3 trip (I need 8 trips to add to the 1 I already have on site) and the excavator operator said they will charge 1600ghc (£320) for like 5 hours work (that’s just crazy!) so I will ask around to see if I can source any of this for cheaper.

I’ve asked around and found/negotiated some filling material for 250Ghc (£50) per 20m3 trip, however this one has some large stones in it so he advised me to still buy 8 trips as it will need longer to settle. I am still to hear back on an excavator operator to do the job for less.
I finally heard back about the excavator rental and I have managed to get it for 800Ghc (£160) as a favour, which is half the price of the foreman’s operator.

So I managed to get everything for 2800Gh (£560) compared to the foreman’s 4800Ghc (£960)…so a whopping saving of 2000ghc (£400)!!!
This is great because after the car drama the budget is so tight, therefore every cedi saved is good news!

Today’s Thought: When anyone gives you a quote for work/materials, always look/ask around to see if you can get it any cheaper. Cheaper is not always better but you have to weigh up your options and get the best deals.

[October 2014 rate £1=5Ghc]

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