How NOT to run a landlord forum!

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a lovely week thus far.

I attended my first landlord forum/meeting in the area where my site is located on Sunday evening. Hummm where do I start…there were 12 attendees and these meetings have been going on for some months now. So they are currently in talks about the name, rules and regulations of the group. I used this meeting to just listen and observe.
Members only

I thought a landlords meeting was to be about the greater good of the area…so it started off well with talks about wanting to discuss the constructing the road, how much they have collected so far and security in the area which I thought was really good…until they began to bring up ‘sika asem’ (money issues) which I was waiting for to be honest knowing Ghanaian meetings. SO! They said we should all pay 5Ghc (£1) per month which I don’t see why as we were sitting outside the secretary’s house with no refreshments, then we should all pay 200Ghc (£40) as contribution to road construction, which is cool. Then 25Ghc (£5) to a member who had a death in his family, which is not so cool because Ghanaians like to attach this type of thing to every group, my mum is part of many where each person has to pay a certain amount if a group member has had a death in the family or wedding…now I’m all up for care in the community but I got bills to pay at my house, I’m sorry.

I don’t see why we can’t do it like my work places in UK and just pass the brown envelope around and people add what they want and can afford to because if the person is liked they will get more than someone who is disliked which is fair rather than being forced to pay an amount you don’t want to or can’t afford or maybe you don’t even know the person they are collecting for that well. If they want this type of group they need to join another group or start a sub group. I also heard something about the group providing loans to members…Please correct me if I’m wrong but does this sound like a landlords forum to you?

I will be letting them know at the next meeting that If this is where the forum is heading, I’M OUT!
I know I’m probably going to be seen as the annoying tight british lady, so I have asked around to see if this is normal and whether I should be liking and lumping it but I’ve been told that not all landlord forums are like this so my people are blurring the lines.

Today’s Thought:
Ghanaians can be so over the top sometimes. Just stick to the point of the forum and keep it simple. They always want to incorporate this collection element, I think it’s a culture thing.

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