I'm Up to my old up-cycling tricks again

Hi guys,
Firstly I would like to apologise to my fellow upcyclers as I have not done much up cycling since moving to Ghana, it’s been all about real-estate…however that is all about to change!!
I’m slowly but surely settling in to my new life in Ghana and was waiting for some craft glues from London, and they are finally here, Yaaaay!

Craft gluesI also just bought a tacky (very sticky) glue from here in Ghana for 6Ghc (£1.20), which is my substitute for the fabric glue I bought and used while I was in London.

Glue bought in GhanaI recently had an ankara peplum top made and you know I like my ankara accessories so after finally getting my glues I got the inspiration to use some of my left over fabrics to design a chain my friend had. The chain was gold but you know after time costume jewellery changes colour so this chain was tarnished. So I told her I would bring it back to life as it was just sitting there not being worn.

So I used my fabric to in twine between the gold-ish hoops and this is the finished product…

Finished Ankara necklace


Peplum top and chain

I plan to make plenty more with different types of necklaces so I will be putting a new DIY tutorial on YouTube soon.  Let me know if this will be useful for you or if you have tried anything similar.

Bye for now x

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