Attacked in Ghana! I think I'm done! (& 6 tips to stay safe)

Hi guys,

On top of my already bad week I was attacked and my phone stolen yesterday evening.

I went to visit someone at about 5pm and was sitting in the car waiting so after a long while I decided to get out of the car to wait in her shop instead of the car so I was just about to get out of my car when a man opened my door and said give me your phone and tried to snatch it out of my hand so I was tugging with him as he went to grab my bag and iPad which was next to me so he grabbed my bag pretty tight so as I went to hold my bag with both hands he got away with my samsung galaxy S4 mini. I was shocked for a good few hours and only once he jumped on the back of the motorbike did people come to my screams for help.

They looked on the CCTV which only captured him jumping on the motorbike and drive off. They said it was too dark to get the licence number. Not being funny but only the Lord knows what he would have done with that in Ghana. He said he would have then found the bike and got my phone back….hummm really! Sounds unrealistic to me.

It makes me sick to think about it because they see you with a nice item and think it came easy to you. I’m still paying T-Mobile for it and now I don’t even have it…that phone was so well kept so like new. Now I have to find money I don’t have to buy a new phone. I’m extreamely peeved.

The strange things is, at my aunts hotel there have been a lot of robbers coming and stealing phones and laptops so security has been heightened, then a friend in town from London had her and other peoples phones stolen at a fashion show and a guy we were with at the Tigo concert had his iPhone stolen out of his back pocket.

As you can imagine when a phone is lost or stolen….it’s more about the things ON the phone. I had a memory card in there that’s been with me for the last 5 years so all my numbers, pictures, music and notes for future blog post are now gone! When I think about it I get upset.

Nothing of this nature has ever happened to me before and usually I feel quite safe in Ghana but this has definatly made me question how safe Ghana actually is. I know the bright side is that I wasn’t physically hurt, My bag wasn’t stolen, I still have my iPad, my car wasn’t taken but when I realise this I still think of my loss and how shaken up I am.

As it comes closer to Christmas time these petty crimes are rife so they can buy drugs, presents whatever. I think I could have protected myself better, however I am not the first and certainly won’t be the last person this happens to so please be careful and use these tips to help you stay safe:

Tip 1: When in the car lock it at all times. When sitting in it and when driving.

Tip 2: If your going somewhere or got something to do be smart (fast). Be in and out, don’t hang about. Don’t wait in the car, go and wait in that house, office, shop you are attending. If these thieves see you in the same place for ages they take this as their opportunity.

Tip 3: Keep your electricals eg. phones iPads hidden and out of the eye shot of others.

Tip 4: Take important ID’s and cards out of your purse and leave them at home unless you need it that day. Do not carry them around with you just incase your purse is stolen, as replacing these can be a headache.

Tip 5: Always try to carry some sort of protection on you, alarm, mace, weapon. I don’t condone violence but we have to protect ourselves and it would serve them right ‘don’t start nothing, it won’t be nothing init!’ I have to be honest and say that even if I had protection it all happened so fast I probably wouldn’t have been able to reach for it.

Tip 6: Always be vigilant, and aware of your surroundings. Trying not to stay in dark places for too long. Stay where there are a lot of people or in well lite areas.

I was listening to Maxi Priest’s song ‘Wild World’ where he says  ‘If you wanna leave take good care…but then a lot of nice things turn bad out there….Just remember there’s a lot of bad EVERYWHERE…oh baby baby it’s a wild world it’s hard to get by just upon a smile girl’

So I know bad things happen everywhere but this just topped off my already bad week so to be honest I think I’m just about ready to give this gig up and go back to London.

Hope you find this useful. Take care x

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7 Comments on Attacked in Ghana! I think I'm done! (& 6 tips to stay safe)

  1. Hi there sis,

    Do not give up!!! God will never give you something that you cannot handle! This is a test for you , A test that you have to overcome all will be well don’t worry…We will be in gh in three nd1/2 weeks xxx

  2. Have been monitoring your blog for a while now and even planned looking for you anytime am in Ghana with the family.Go inspired with pics of your project.would say don’t give up on anything you do..retreating is like defeat.crack on.

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