Boat ride on Ada Foah Lake

Hi guys,

I’m still in Kumasi, I will go back to Accra during the week.
As it get closer to Christmas I’m missing my family loads, my younger sister and cousins are coming out to Ghana for Christmas which should be fun. The video below is us on a boat ride in Ada when they were here earlier in the year. I would like to point out that this was before the HipLife sensation Castro disappeared at Ada, as to why we are not wearing life jackets, that fit about to change now! Safety first.

I mean when ever I think about that story I’m still baffled by it. Nobody in a Ghana even talks about it any more, it’s old news to them. It isn’t for me though because that is some tragic way to leave the earth, his poor family not knowing where he is and not being able to have a proper funeral for him, perhaps that is a good thing and gives them hope that he will return one day. I hope so too because his voice and music is missed on the afrobeats circuit right now!

Wherever he is, may his soul be at Peace, but what annoys be about Ghanaians is that whenever anything bad happens they got to bring up witchcraft, black magic, obia and all that stuff. Some things are just tragic circumstances and you can’t let this black magic stuff consume you. I mean, I would watch the News and this is the foolishness they are coming to report about Castro living at the bottom on the lake with the lady he was with because she is a Maame-water (mermaid). Come on these are educated news reporters feeding people this crap. Trevor MacDonald (British news reader) would be ashamed to be associated with this field!

Anyway sorry got seriously sidetracked there 🙈. Back to Ada, it is such a beautiful scenic place, the beach houses are amazing and the side of Ghana they don’t show you on TV (but you know I got your back and will show you errrythang here!). I stayed there over night once with some friends last year in those beach huts…hummm that was an experience to say the least. I will dig out the photos and do a video of photos.

Enjoy …💋

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