Everything you need to know about Ankara Fabrics (Haul)

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I went to Makola market yesterday with my aunt and a friend who was visiting from London. It was very busy as you can imagine being Accra’s central market, everyone is rushing somewhere, pushing and a lot of the market traders (mainly women) are rude and have no customer care!

‘Makola Market was constructed in Accra in 1924 and stood at the heart of the urban Ghanaian life. The market was the main wholesale and retail marketplace in Accra, the epicenter of trade in the country and one of the nation’s most important social and cultural institutions.'[1] 

Makola centre

Makola marketI went to buy a range of different fabrics so I could make some clothes, as Christmas is coming and if I was in London I would be buying the odd bits and pieces to celebrate the festive season. My sister and cousins were here in April and are coming back in December for Christmas with a whole new wardrobe and I still have the same stuff from April so I need to spice my things up a bit, wouldn’t you agree?

One thing I miss about London is the in-store and online sales as that is mainly when I shop and I do not like to buy clothes in Ghana as they are from private outlets who have imported them so added shipping and profit so it makes the clothes so expensive and sometimes not worth it for the quality. I will do a shop online as well so my sister can bring them when she’s coming, I can’t wait!

So anyway Ankara fabrics (Ntoma in the local language) is sold in 12 yards which is a full piece, 6 yards which is a half piece and certain stalls cut and sell 1, 2 or 3 yards etc, so how much you want. I like that most fabrics have got a name or saying attached to them so each has a meaning. Prices vary based on the quality of the fabrics.

I bought some lovely pieces and wanted to share my bargains with you. I bought 4 fabrics in 2 yards (14Ghc/£2.80 each) and got 1 in 6 yards (38Ghc/£7.60), I also bought some lovely jewellery for my next DIY project…

Today’s Thought: I hate not being able to shop like in London but the bright side is I love that it pushes me to get new outfits made for a minimal cost, so there’s no chance of me going out and someone having the same outfit on as me, which is great! Why fit in when you can stand out?!

Until next time guys x

[1] Wikipedia

November 2014 – Current rate £1 = 5Ghc


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