Foundation filling still not completed…Huff!

Hi beautiful people, I hope all is well.
So from my last post about the building project Finally filling the foundation. The filling is still not completed!!
The filling material had finished so the machine could not go back to the site. I chased the material supplier who brought the sand to the site, but by that time the machine was not working. They said the machine needs a new part so they bought the part but the machine was still not working so then they said they were waiting for their mechanic to come from Kumasi to fix it…you have to be kidding me right?!
At this point I had heard enough and waited long enough (3 weeks) so it’s time to look for another machine and operator, don’t you think?

Watch how far they got with the filling…

Today’s Thought: Anytime I think things are moving forward, something pops up to throw a spanner in the works. If I stressed about every spanner I would have sleepless nights, depression and high blood pressure so I have to take these things in my stride and know that God will make everything ok.

Until next time,
Peace up G-town down x

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