Stay in Ghana or Return to London….Decision Made!

Hi guys,

I would like to say how much better I am feeling after retreating out of Accra, I think it was just what the Doctor ordered.

Thank you all once again for your kind encouraging words. When I started out in this journey and my friend Omar encouraged me to create this blog I honestly didn’t think many would take notice or even read and watch my YouTube channel but it has been such a surprise and joy to see people following it and engaging with me not to mention giving me words of courage to go forward, that is just amazing and you don’t realise how powerful your messages are. I have now taken it as my personal challenge to carry on this journey to encourage you guys as so many of you have said how much of an inspiration my journey has been…so I can’t quit now!

My attack will also not go in vain as I have started my little campaign and doing what I can to remind people of their personal safety here in Ghana. As Christmas approaches, petty crime is on the rise (with the aid of the recent influx of motorbikes) and a lot of young people are coming from the US and UK so need to be aware. Companies like @GhanaEscapes and @AkwaabaUK that are bringing groups over need to make sure they remind everyone of safety precautions not just take their money to have a good time as things like this can absolutely ruin your holiday and make you never want to come back, but we want people to have a great safe time and keep coming back and spending in Ghana then one day come back for good!

Thats the aim anyway😄, It’s the social worker in me always wanting to advise, guide, help and prevent what happened to me happen to others.

So I have made my decision on whether to give Ghana another shot or pack up and leave for London, which you can watch here…

Peace and Love 💋

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  1. I have been following your blog and just felt compelled to comment. You are right, there are people like me who get a lot of inspiration from your journey so I am very glad to see that you are staying. I can very much relate to your vision, frustration, determination, the potential you see in Ghana and even more frustrations. I have been going to Ghana off and on for about 5 years and never made it past two months. So again, congratulations and thanks for galvanizing me to keep the spirit. I will be back in about a week and looking forward to making it a lot longer than usual. Keep your head up.

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