Tigo music unplugged concert review

Hi Guys, Sorry for the delay and the long post, I have so much to tell you!

So like I said in my previous post, I was invited to attend the Tigo Music Unplugged concert on Friday night at Accra sports Stadium, which cheered me up a bit. This event was free, the public could go to any Tigo shop for tickets so 25,000 people attended! 4×4, Guru, MzVee, Davido, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale performed in that exact order. First of all my friend insisted we get there for 7pm, the time stated on the ticket and like I knew there was no one there when we arrived just security and the workers still setting up.

VVIP areaSo I spent the time taking pics of course, head to toe in my upcycled gear!

Pics of meWe were in VVIP  so there were seats and a tent serving food and drinks but the drinks and food were not ready, which was silly because you have advertised that it starts at 7pm yet told us they wouldn’t serve refreshments until the show starts so my friend bought drinks from outside.

VVIP ticket

VIP tentThere were 2 warm up acts, a female rapper and a dance group, then the show finally started at 10pm, sorry but black people and time, when will this lateness change…I should ask myself because in always running late! I’m probably only saying this because I was actually early for once.

Anyway, the first act to perform was 4×4, to be honest I was surprised they put them on first because I thought they would have been given more ratings than that because there wasn’t that much people there at that time. I would have put MzVee on first, no offence because I’m a natural girl too and do like her but I think 4×4 have got much more known songs than her. 4×4’s performance was decent, they put a lot of effort into their performance, but I did stay seated for this, sorry guys.

Next up was Guru, hummm where do I start, ok firstly he was sitting in the VIP tent with his hat and hood on with his face literally covered, but bruv…who was going to bother you anyway, I’m sorry your not that special. I don’t see why artists on this level just can’t act normal. Yes, we love Lapaz Toyota, Boys Abre and Pooley but come on, get a grip. As for his performance it was good, you can see he has talent. However I also stayed seated for this too, sorry Guru.

MzVee was up next. This performance was weak to be honest, even though I am a huge fan of her song Natural girl it’s really uplifting and enjoyed hearing it but it didn’t blow me away. I think as she was the only female performer she should have built on that and given us something unique. Like I said before I don’t think she has enough well known songs and this was confirmed when she started singing one of Eazzy’s song, like really? When she was in the VIP tent she seemed very normal and I like that. I did however get up for this performance, she had good energy, which is great!

Ok, ok, ok I now have a new found love for Davido, his performance was pants (rubbish) but he’s great at jumping around! This is the first time I’ve see him perform live but I’ve always complained when I’ve seen him perform on TV as he never seems to actually sing through a song, his mic is either switched off as they play his song or he’s just shouting noises or he puts the mic to the crowd and let’s them sing and do the work for him. I felt like Steve Harvey when he said ‘I paid 38.50 for these tickets, mutherf***er, you scream!’ The crowd aren’t there to help out they came to watch a show. Yes you have excellent songs and the girls think your cute but please, just stop, breathe, calm down and work on your actual performance because this constant jumping around isn’t helping anybody. I love Davido’s songs so I was on my feet the whole time.

There were some fire works at this interval with a video from the managing director of Tigo talking about the Deezer collaboration. Tigo users can now download the Deezer app and listen to music anywhere anytime even if they are not connected to the internet. They have also collaborated with Musiga Ghana so any time an artists song gets played the artist  gets paid, which is excellent.

Sarkodie then took to the stage. When he came into the VIP tent before his performance, security wouldn’t allow anyone else in until he left. He had a large entourage with him and as I looked over he was just sitting there with a mean face on not talking to NOBODY! Why must he behave like this?! Anyway on to his performance, I would say it was the best of the night. The others just came out and sang but he gave us a show, with the men covered in white power at the beginning to build up intensity to his act to bringing out Joey B to assist with some songs, he also spoke and engaged with the crowd . This is what I call a show, however his music just seemed to be one way after a while so I could see the crowds energy level go down. It seemed like he was on for an hour, so I sat down for part of it. I was very disappointed that during this performance my camera battery started to die so I didn’t even get to record my favourite song Adonai, I miss Castro so much!

I must admit I honestly thought Sarkodie would have closed the show as he is internationally known and locally respected I would say he is on top levels so it was a surprise to realise Shatta Wale would close the show but after the crowd seemingly getting bored of Sarkodie performance, Shatta Wale was just what the crowd needed so well done to the organisers for that.
My technology failed me BIG TIME! First my phone went and I left my spare battery at home, then my camera died so unfortunately by the time Shatta Wale performed I had nothing, I couldn’t even take a picture and when I look back at the footage I have of the night, I definatly think I gave too much air time to some of the previous acts.

Annnnywho, Shatta Wale’s performance was good. He had a lot of people on the stage dressed like solider who escorted him away in chains at the end as he was dressed as a prisoner in his onesie which had ‘Free SM’ on the back, so I guess this was all part of his ‘cops and robbers’ performance. Strangely enough he didn’t sing Dancehall king so when the show finished and I hadn’t heard it I was confused. But he sang all his other songs including the latest one where Sarkodie came to sing with him which was nice. You can see Shatta Wale felt like a real King up on that stage even with the current controversy surrounding him about beating up a shop owner and his video abusing Charter House. I definitely think this local fame has got to his head as he seems to be doing stupid stuff,I dread to think what he would be like if he was internationally known like Sarkodie. However the crowd honestly seemed to LOVE him which is the main thing because when he was on stage the vibe just changed and everyone was jumping and chanting ‘Wale Wale Wale’ so his latest escapades seem to have only made the crown want him more.

The show finished at 3am. It was a peaceful event despite the odd idiot and the weak security barrier:

imageThe crowd brought an amazing energy so overall I would say the night was a total success. Well Done Tigo!

I hope you enjoy the footage I gathered, Enjoy…



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