9 types of ‘men’ to AVOID in Ghana (Finding Love series)

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Finding love in a foreign country is never easy as you can never be sure if they love you for you or are trying to get something from you, as a lot of people see foreigners as exotic and have the notion in their head that if you are from abroad you have money and things to offer and this goes both ways for men and women. If you are thinking of finding love in Ghana/Africa, I thought I would give you some help on the type of men to AVOID and keep at arms length unless you like that type of thing…(ok, some are stereotypes but all in all a bit of fun so please don’t get offended) 😀

1. Six pack fake London guys These guys walk around with jeans half way down their bottoms, have six packs and miraculously have ‘fake’ London or US accents and they have never stepped foot out of Ghana. These men have clearly been watching too much MTV and 4Syte TV (Gh based channel that plays world music videos). They don’t tend to have jobs but if they do, trust me it is not usually a stable job so they have plenty of time on their hands to work out and build on their biceps at the Gym. They like to be players, hustle to get small money and think the ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ tactics is the way forward with the ladies.

2. 9-8’er ladies man9-8ersIn the UK this would be 9-5’ers but in Ghana office workers seem to work long hours, so close from work about 8pm rather than 5pm. These type of guys get paid a decent wage by Ghana standards. Some are serious with stable girlfriends that they are working on making their wives in the near future but the other type of 9-8’ers are wannabe players just like the six pack guys…these guys just dote on the fact that they get to wear a suit and tie to work. They love the ladies so they use the majority of their wages on buying gifts for different ladies, so are not really building anything towards their future at the pace they could if they only just…focused!

3. The dotting suit and tie ‘worker’Suit and tie men theonlywayisghanaIn Ghana young adults just want to have a job where they get to wear a shirt and tie to work whereas in the UK for example young adults right of passage is usually shop floor staff during and straight after their studies, nothing wrong with that but suggest that to a student in Ghana and see the bad looks and response you get! So even if they earn much less working somewhere they can wear a shirt and tie, they will take it like that just for the image and to ‘Keep up with the Mensah’s’. So please do not be fooled by men with the shirt and tie syndrome as some don’t earn much or earn at all.

4. The ‘I love you’ twe twe guyi love you men -theonlywayisghanaThese guys earn a standard Ghana wage and meet up with you for the first time/date and before you have even said how you like to spend your time, they are telling you how much they love you. Ermmm how did they figure that one out…? This throws me as I believe love grows, Im sure you can love things about a person but don’t see how you can be IN love with them after 2 minutes together. This is how Ghana love is, beware as I believe this is used a lot as they think thats what ladies want to hear so they will ‘know’ the guy is serious, you will give yourself to him then when you call him the following day he doesn’t pick up the phone or picks up to say he’s mad busy and will call you back…which of course never happens.

5. The ‘royal oats’ guyDodgy men -theonlywayisghanaThis guy is a guy who wants to sew his ‘royal oats’ for one reason or another, he seems like someone you can get serious with. He has a good job, educated, well paid and presentable but he just seems to be in a mad rush to have sex with you…so he will pay for your taxi fare to meet him and get home, pay for expensive dinners, buy you credit, he might even fit an ‘I love you’ in as his secret weapon in hope that will win you over. However you will never be invited to his house then the pieces of the puzzle start to come together that he is just about to get married or something so is trying to use you for his own satisfaction before hand…if your smart you will take your time and his to ‘get to know him better’ as he will soon realise the credit buying, taxi fares, expensive dinners and I love you’s isn’t working then switch off. Try calling him and see if he picks up…he won’t!

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14 Comments on 9 types of ‘men’ to AVOID in Ghana (Finding Love series)

  1. Hilarious! Especially the six pack guys with fake accents, this reminds me of people who move from anywhere USA to NYC and have brooklyn accents two weeks later!

  2. Two men in Ghana have used me for money. Be very careful of Ghana men and foreign women. It starts off as love {so he says} them teh focus is on money, Most men in Ghana over 25 have a steady or is engaged. Please pay attention do not fall into this trap. it is all about money trust me. I had two men do the same thing to me in a year. I refuse to go to Ghana anymore. The men are predators looking for fresh meat. Please be careful and listen to my advice.

    Read more at: http://www.modernghana.com/lifestylethread1/1287/16/105696#showcomments2

  3. Im a S.A lady…and a Ghana guy is interest to….me so i dont really know that does he really….serious about me…..im afraid to to fall inlove wth him….plz help wat can i do
    But i i love him…..are they not players

  4. Seems they don’t approach u and out of hate u are saying nonsense(6 packs & tv). U wanna marry bcos old age is catching u and a Ghanaian woman marry money not of love. We will rather go for other countries women with PDA, meaning Public Display Affection than LHM, meaning Love His Money(Ghanaian woman).

  5. The 9-5’er my husband is, he work long hours and I went from being the fiancĂ© to the wife. No luck here, I’m just blessed. I thank God I’m married into a Christian valued family so therefore if he gets out of line, his Nana & Grandpoppie will kick him lol..thanks for this article, I always love reading things on Ghanaian men.

  6. I were talking to a man from Ghana after he ask me for money over 20 times i didnt send it. now he slow down talking to me.i knew it were the money scam game.he will leave me a message. Once a wk saying i mist u.that all.when i use to be on line he will follow Me not now i hard ever hear from me we use to talk ever day.he try to scam me the first day we talk.an try to comvence me he not one of them.oh i can go on an on two years of this he finally gave up.

  7. I was talking to a man from Nigeria .he call me one day so excited. He ask me to send a picture of me. n did i have a big back end .i made me feel disrespect .so i didnt respon to hin . He was so angry n rude.he call me a lie so. Delete him.so he found another way .he tex me .i delete him. what do u think the type of man he is. ? Did i do right ?.

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