Time to leave Kumasi for Accra

Hi My beauties,

I am leaving Kumasi today after 2 and a half weeks (video below), I’m finally ready to brace the world. I will be heading back to Accra to continue my journey.
I honestly feel like I have been on holiday, I feel revitalised and full of vim. I do enjoy Kumasi as it’s calm and chilled but it can get boring as everybody sleeps SO early, by 8pm most people are wrapped up in bed. So if you go out and come back late gates and everything are padlocked up so you feel like you are waking up the world!
It is however nice for a relaxing break, which was indeed what I needed.

I’ve eaten nonstop, prayed, read, slept, had my hair plated and bought my stun gun ready for action (but hope I never have to use it).
I was contemplating buying the gun as it was so expensive but as it is so difficult to get due to usage/shipping restrictions and I think I will feel safer, I bought it!
Stun gun

It was good to see my dad and catch up with him, he will be taking me to the coach station today. I am taking the VIP coach which takes 4 to 5 hours, but the journey is pretty cool. It costs 35Ghc (£7) one way and it stops off along major roads so you can get off nearer to your home rather than going all the way to the coach station in Nkrumah Circle.
You can however take the plane (Domestic Airlines: Antrak, Starbow, Flight540) which takes 40 minutes and cost about 200Ghc (£40) one way. Then you have to take a taxi home from the airport.

So all in all I’m feeling good, ready for what’s in store. Knowing my life there will always be some roadblock pop up but I feel ready for the challenge so wish me luck and let’s see what happens next, hopefully all good stuff.
Onwards and upwards!

Take care 💋

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