Building project update – Foundation filling complete!

Hi beautiful people,
Huge apologies to those that have a sole interest in the building project (but I hope I have still enlightened you). The first phase of the foundation filling was finally complete a few days before Christmas!!
As you know from my video Aftermath of the robbery and updates the excavator operator was giving me the run around telling me he would come and continue the work but never showed up again. So a family friend from London who is building near me was in town so he said he filled his foundation using manual workers so I decided to do the same. I checked for another machine operator who was charging 1200 Ghc after I had already paid 400 Ghc to the operator that ran off and they were charging 800 Ghc to do it manually, so I decided to go with that. Our friends foreman then gathered 3 workers for me and they started 2 days later. As part of the filling was previously done it took them 5 days to complete.

Partially complete foundation fillingIt could have taken less time but I had to source and buy more sand to be delivered to them. They called me early one of the mornings saying they needed more sand to complete the work, so I made some calls from bed and everyone was saying 600 Ghc for one trip of sand or 500 Ghc but it would take a day or two to be delivered but the workers had rented the wheel barrow and spades so the longer it took the more it would cost so I got ready and went to the junction near my site where they sell sand. I must be honest and say I wasn’t looking forward to going and negotiating this by myself but I have to say I outdid myself as I got the sand delivered within 2 hours for 450 Ghc…so saved myself 50-150 Ghc and made a new link to supply me sand and stones. You know I love things like this 🙌

Filling commencingThey did a good job, they didn’t give me any problems and it was a smooth transaction so I was happy. It hasn’t rained here for ages, rain would help the sand settle so I can move to the next stage of topping up the sand again, get a machine to compress it then cast it with concrete to raise the building. I will leave the sand to settle for now while I concentrate on my income.

Watch the filling being completed below:

Until the next time đź’‹

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