Christmas in Ghana!

Hi my lovelies, hope your doing well.
I hope you all had a lovely Holiday, I wanted to fill you in on my Christmas in Ghana…hummm where do I start. I could have easily forgotten it was Christmas to be honest with the crooked Christmas trees, half hearted decorations and street lights only in Central Accra. All I can say is the Christmas hype is no where as big as the UK with their decorations, Christmas trees, street lights, queues, sold out turkey’s and gifts. However I can say that Ghana is defiantly more lively and there’s less pressure because they do not take it as seriously as the UK so they are out partying till all hours unlike the UK where everyone is stuck at home, eating, watching that boring Christmas movie ‘The Snow man’ due to double fair Taxis and the cold weather.

My Cousins brought Turkey’s from London so we had that with potatoes, vegetables, gravy and fried rice. My aunty that lives here barely ate a potato, she didn’t take any gravy because she said she didn’t know what it was, never tried it and had no intentions of doing so. So that was painful to sit across from her and watch that. She wanted the Ghanaian traditional Christmas dinner which is Goat soup with fufu. Ah well Aunty maybe next year!
Then for dessert my cousin ordered us all a lovely red velvet cake which was delicious!

Christmas cake

We didn’t exchange any gifts as nobody was that bothered. However, Most people buy 6 or 12 yard Ankara cloth as gifts for elders.

Now on to the new year where I will be going out partying so watch out for that post.
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