New Years in Ghana (part 1) – Accra Sport Stadium Countdown

Hi beautiful people, HAPPY NEW YEAR/ AFEHYIA PA!! We made it!!!
It’s a new year with new goals and aspirations. I have been coming on holiday to Ghana for New Years partying for the last 11 years (missing 2 years) and I can’t say I have ever been disappointed, it hasĀ been Sun, Sea, Drinks, food, dancing and laughter. This year however I saw signs of age in me as I could not engage in all the raving. As you know my sister and cousins came out to Ghana for the festive season and they were fully Turnt up and expected me to be the same. This is my first Christmas and new year ‘living’ in Ghana.
For New Years we went for Pastor Mensa Otabil’s church (ICGC) countdown at Accra sports stadium:

Mensa Otabil's flyerThis was in central Accra which is a little far from home so we would go out clubbing straight after the countdown. At first I thought it was going to be like a countdown in London’s Trafalgar Square with everyone standing and celebrating but after further investigations we found out it was a church service so I thought it was best to wear a longer midi skirt over my raving shorts, so basically go in disguise…

Me in my church disguiseI mean can you imagine me turning up to a church service in hot pants…However some didn’t mind and wore their same short raving dresses šŸ™ˆ
When we arrived at about 11:00pm, it was totally packed so we had to sit way up the top. There were packs on each seat with had flyers, offering envelop, bread, wine, anointing oil and wet wipes, which was nice:

Free packThe countdown was fun then there was a full blown church service, it was electrifying bringing in the new year with 50,000 other people.

Countdown at Accra stadiumI came to the Tigo music concert here and that was a FREE concert yet the stadium was only half full but this night had the stadium full to the brim, you should know never to mess with Ghanaians and church. Some came out dressed to impress to what Ghanians call a ‘Church Program’. The energy was great. The moral of the story is Do Not mess with Ghanaians and church!
You can watch what happened here:

Now read what happened after when we went clubbing.

Speak to you soon šŸ’‹

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