What did my sistas think of Ghana? Likes | Dislikes | Places to visit

Hi Beautiful people,

As you know from my post: Christmas in Ghana, my younger sister and cousins were in GH town for the festive period.

If you don’t know Ghana during the Christmas and New Years period is very busy and all about the chilling, parties and clubbing! So that is exactly what they came to do, party and go clubbing. I think they were actually out every day and night, they did well and I’m glad they enjoyed their time to the fullest as that is what life is all about as I did exactly the same thing when I was their age! However I just don’t have it in me anymore, I’ve partied in Ghana for years so it’s nothing new to me anymore and I tend to see the same old faces. I guess this is what comes with age, but it’s all good because I find pleasure in other things now.

Anyhoo, I digress. It was great to see and spend time with my lovelies, the time went SO fast though! But I thought it would be nice to do a video about what they thought of Ghana to help others by seeing their views, not just mine.

I asked them a fire round of 5 questions:
1. Describe Ghana in 3 word.
2. What was the highlight/low point of your holiday?
3. Name one place you would recommend anyone visit when in Ghana.
4. Name 2 things you like/dislike about Ghana.
5. Would you live in Ghana?

Then I added some bonus footage at the end of their out-takes.

Watch their responses here…

Enjoy 💋

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