Why do Africans pack so much when travelling?!

Hi my lovelies, I’m feeling much better after being sick in the Ghana harmattan, due to the harmattan the weather is really HOT at the moment!

After giving their thoughts on Ghana my sisters have left for London Town šŸ˜„, I’m missing them loads. As they were preparing to leave, they wanted to take the whole of Ghana with them. On their last day I was driving them around for their LAST MINUTE bits and pieces and was laughing thinking why the hell do Africans do this to themselves and pack so much when travelling?! From the younger generation right through to the older generation, me included!

Their flight was at 10:50pm and at 5pm we were sitting at the seamstress waiting for their outfits to be finished, then they said they needed to go to the mall, I started driving there but looking at the traffic I could see we would not make it back in time so did a quick u-turn and headed back to our area to find and buy the things they needed in our local area. So we picked up a cousin who took us to our local fan milk depo, so they bought loads of fan-Ice and fan-dingo, then we stopped off to get other bits and pieces. They took; plantain chips, Milo drinking chocolate, fan-ice, fan-dingo, chewing sticks, black soap, triple action cream, Shea butter, bath sponges, bags, sun glasses, muscatella and other fanta drinks, jewellery to name a few, not to mention all the stuff they came with! When asked why they were taking all these things the response I got was it was cheaper in Ghana, tasted better or a flavour or taste that London didn’t have.

They were allowed 2 suitcases each weighing 23kg, hand luggage weighing 7kg and a hand bag, so where they thought all this stuff would fit is beyond me. So after rushing home to pack, we finally headed to the airport and due to their baggage being so overweight we literally had to re-pack everything at the airport scales with like 15 minutes to go before they closed the check-in desk. They had to take out loads of stuff before their suitcases were even close to 23kg. They were lucky we stayed with them to take the stuff back home, one of my cousins is going back to London 2 weeks after them so he can take them as he is allowed 3 suitcases on British Airways Business class.

Baggage to go back home

But they finally made it to jet off back to London…

Group picture at the airportThe pressure we put ourselves under by leaving things to the last minute and trying to pack the world into 23kg suitcases. What tops it for me is that we then act surprised and angry when the airline staff tell us to pay excess baggage charges, which nobody wants to pay!

I mean what is this about? If you know please let me know.

Watch what happened with my sisters here…

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8 Comments on Why do Africans pack so much when travelling?!

  1. Very interesting and humourous article. I bet it happens with other cultures also, the bargain they think is to be had is not a bargain at all when you factor in everything. At least they made the flight back home safely.
    But fan ice, really? Haha
    God bless

  2. OMG I looove you! Haha! Why are our people like this though? My mum does this every single time she comes to London! I’m with her at the airport hyperventilating because her hand luggage is bigger than a normal suitcase, and she’s like “ah you kraa, always worrying!”

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