Day 2 as a working chick in Ghana

Hi guys, just a quick update after my last post First day as a working girl in Ghana
My second day at work had me waking up at 5am so I could leave out at 6:30am making an allowance for that 30 minutes traffic I have no choice but to sit in! I’ve been trying to go to bed for 10pm, so I can get close to my full 8 hours sleep but it’s more been 11pm. Minus the traffic my journey to work should take 45 minutes but it’s taking 1 hour and 15. Today I got to work 15 mins early! I’m new to this early rise traffic malarky so I’m going to use the week to gauge the best time to wake and leave out with the aim of ‘getting as much beauty sleep as possible’ (as Bilou said in the film House Party).
Like I predicted my fellow Ghanaian female colleagues are as friendly as a tree! There are only a couple that are warm and welcoming, the men however have made my days very entertaining and made me feel really welcome. It’s what I expected so it’s fine, I am there to do a job, so that is exactly what I will do.

The food provided today was white rice, stew and fish or red red (fried plantain and beans), when I went the rice was finished so I had to have the red red, the beans were as tasteless as water but the fish was nice, at least that’s some good.
As for the job, there is a lot of monitoring tags to create which I’m trying to get my head around but I’m a fast learner so I’m sure I will pick it up soon.

Until next time guys šŸ’‹

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      • From my experience, I got on better with the guys or the “foreign” ladies. The ghanaian females I found rather cliquey but they do get a bit warmer after a while…well tepid in any event…lol, I think they are slightly intimidated, but don’t let that stop you being the best that you can be x

  1. You go girl! Still so interesting to read about your experiences, especially in the working world over there! And hope your female colleagues warms up when they get to know you:)

  2. Hi Lorisisa, I have been following your blog since thinking about excepting a role in Ghana. I find your blog is honest, inspirational and is helping me to prepare for the big move. Have you found a good hairdresser and places to buy cosmetics or shall i buy them here. what about clothes or is it easy to get a dressmaker? I am worried about mostiqutoes really have you found a way to help reduce the bites or medication to make it bearable?

    • Hi Koren, thanks for following the journey and for the feedback. I wouldn’t say I’ve found any good hairdressers as a lot of them don’t know how to handle my natural hair – I instruct them what to do. As for cosmetics, there are a lot of fakes here or they are expensive, I brought enough to last me a while then when people I coming over from UK they bring more. Clothes- again can be expensive so dressmakers are better. The mosquitoes are really annoying…bring some citronella to mix with your body cream- they hate that.

      • Thank you Lorissa, yea i am stock piling my cosmetics, skincare and we its funny I thought they would have mass experiece of dealing with natural hair. so I will instruct as advised. I am hoping to get a good dressmaker but its trips to M&S, and next. Any advice on banking and transfering money back home? I have read to apply for a Barclay here and open a Barclay in Ghana to make transfers what do you think? How is the house building going?
        keep blogging and keep us updated on your prorcess

  3. Hello, & how are you doing, I saw your post about your phn .sorry to hear abt. that situation. I would like to keep in touch with you abt the land & real estate. By the way I’m from the United States looking to move their!

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