First day as a working chick in Ghana!

Hiiii my lovelies, it feels like ages that I’ve spoken with you. I started my first day of work on Monday, hence why we haven’t spoken, I have been knackerd!
In perpetration I took Gertrude to get looked over; water, oil, tyres etc, I don’t want her to start messing me about in the mornings. On Sunday I ironed all my clothes for the week and packed my bag for Monday. I didn’t really know what to wear because it is a hip young media company so I didn’t want to go in too corporate or too casual so just wore a cream and black sheer shirt tucked into black skinny trousers with black wedges, this ended up being very suitable so I could move about the office comfortably.

So on Monday morning I woke at 6 but ended up leaving at 7:15am. There was no traffic, then I got 10 mins near work and hit a whole line of bumper to bumper traffic, if I had stayed in it I would have been about 30 mins late for work on my first day! So I followed some other drivers as we created our own middle lane but didn’t realise the police were waiting at the other end (shame!), the policeman came to my car as I tried to edge my way back in to camouflage with the rest of the traffic (but that clearly didn’t work). He told me to go and park up so they could speak to me. I acted oblivious demanding to know why they stopped me insisting that the other traffic is turning right so why should I have to sit in it and wait when I am going straight, they said because there is only one lane! #Annoying
They asked to look at my licence then their boss lady came shouting at me that us drivers have been warned not to do this but we continue so when I pleaded in my english accent that it was my first time on that road and I didn’t know, she smiled and said if I promise not to do it again I can go. So lucky for me I didn’t have to sit in that traffic at all, the police made way for me to cut in and continue on my journey, that was lucky for me as I only had about 5 minutes to spare before being late on my first day. I made it on time but knew I would have to wake and leave earlier to sit in that traffic until I can figure out another route.

So finally got into work, it was a bit slow in-terms of what I should be doing and who should be showing me but we figured it out in the end. We get lunch provided 3 times a week so today we had fried rice and chicken, which was not bad. My hours are 8am-5pm, I ended up leaving at 5:30pm. All in all it was a good day and I felt positive about the role.

I will keep you updated 😘

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    • Thank you. Yes I would suggest LinkedIn, any Ghana related google or online expat groups (for word of mouth vacancies from people), the local newspapers- The Graphic and going directly to specific companies websites to see what vacancies they have. The job websites all seem to be rubbish as you don’t get responses back. Networking and word of mouth is the way to go.

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