Gertrude is being disrespectful again

Hey my beauties, I was off to a friends birthday celebration on the weekend when as I was turning a corner Gertrude (the car) just stopped in the middle of the road with the engine still running blocking the entrance into the road for other cars. I don’t know why she is so disrespectful, I feed and clean her, what more does she want?!

I was all glammed up ready for the party so I just started laughing because that was just typical as I was even contemplating whether I should even go because I was told at the last minute but decided to go anyway and this happened. That’s why we should always do with our gut feeling- it will never fail us. It was about 5pm and I needed to be home by 8pm as my aunty was travelling so wanted to get a chance to say bye.

Luckily I was only in Kwabenya and Gertrude did this same thing about 2 months ago in Kwabenya so my friend had called his local mechanic for me. So I called the same mechanic again as it was the same problem, the shaft coming out from the wheel hub making the car unable to move. The mechanic arrived about 6:15pm and was able to take off the wheel hub and temporarily fit the shaft back in for me to go on my way but we agreed I will take her to him during the week to fix it properly (whatever that means to a Ghanaian mechanic, even once they say they have fixed it you still have problems). So I got to the party at 7pm, was only able to stay 40 minutes then had to leave and make my way home. Well at least I showed my face at the party!

Anyway when Gertrude wouldn’t move again I was near a guesthouse and the owner saw me so got some local boys to push Gertrude so I could park her properly. Once I parked her I was sitting in the car calling the mechanic then waiting for him but my thoughts were that being attacked in Accra was preparation for times like this. So instead of sitting in the car I quickly locked my bag away and got out to ask a local security guard if I could sit with him and wait, which I did sitting only with my basic nokia and car key until the mechanic came. I have defiantly learnt from my mistakes which led to the last attack.
I also feel God wanted me to get closer to him as once the attack happened I sought strength and answers in my bible, now reading it at least once a day and everyday a morning devotion from a book called ‘Starting your day right’ by Joyce Meyer that my friend Sefa gave me which came in my shipping.

Joyce Meyer devotion bookAt the time of the attack I felt like I wasn’t in control of my life and was so upset I didn’t know what to do as to why I contemplated returning to the UK. So I turned to the bible for comfort, now I feel good inside and out and stronger knowing that God has a great plan for me and my life.

Would this of happened if I hadn’t gone through that rough patch? Who knows, but I do know that everything happens for a reason and at the time we can’t see what the reason is but in time it reveals itself!

Amen 💋

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