New Years Update 1: Tenants moving in the room on my site (Golden Rules)

Hi my lovelies, hope you are enjoying your Sunday, this will be the first of 3 posts today so make sure the kettles on standby…☕️
When you build in Ghana, it’s always good to have a one room built on the site (made of blocks or wood) for someone to stay there to watch over the land to avoid encroachment and as a store room for building materials. One of the workers that did the filling of my foundation approached me last year December about staying in the one room on my site to watch it for me. I have been approached by many people before him asking for this space but I had rejected all of them as I didn’t really take to them. I hope I’m not going to regret saying this but for some reason my spirit just took to this guy so I told him at the time that I would think about it and we will talk. He had been calling me over the new year but I had missed the calls or couldn’t talk.

I spoke to my aunty about this and she said it’s good to get someone as long as I lay down the rules from the beginning so there is no confusion further down the line like there always is in these situations. So I spoke to him over the phone to discuss his current living situation and told him to come to the house so we could talk further. He came with his brother and said they are currently living in a uncompleted building and have been asked to leave as the owner is ready to complete their house and move in. They are Ewe guys, he said it will be him, his brother, wife and baby. I questioned the space limitation but they said they are fine with it, it’s common here.

Ground RULES we went over:

  • They are to weed the compound/foundation so it does not become bushy.
  • They will not pay any rent therefore do not expect me to give them money to rent somewhere once I need my space back (this demand is made a lot and causes problems for land owners all the time), like my aunt said ‘keep that same mouth you are using to beg for this room, I’m doing you a favour so don’t come with any rudeness or demands later’. I loved that because it’s so true because with some Ghanaians they come to you as angels then in time turn into Tasmanian Devils (which can be so shocking).
  • Do not cause problems with the neighbours, otherwise they will be evicted, no shaking!
  • I will get them to top up the foundation filling for me at a cheaper rate.

If you let out your space please remember these golden rules 👍
I hope they will not give me any problems further down the line as people tend to change in this game.

Fingers crossed! 💋

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