New Years Update 2: Work contracts. Own biz vs 9-5 work.

Hey people, Ghana Blackstars are playing Ivory Coast in the AFCON finals soon so we are all very excited. I just finished washing my clothes BY HAND, which I do every other Sunday. I did it last weekend so only had a little bit to do thankfully. It’s really therapeutic but I can’t say I enjoy it, boy do I wish my washing machine! Due to my time constraints I will pay someone to wash them as of next month.

My washing

If you didn’t know already, when I started the building project I had plans to either get investment to complete it or get to where I had in December 2014 (foundation filling complete) then have a break to raise my own funds/work on my income from the new year to complete the next phase.
Aside from selling cosmetics, most recently I do some work with a real-estate company matching people with litigation free land, stores and office space here in a Ghana and short term apartment lets in New York. I will give you more info on this in another post.

I have also just been offered a contract managing the media for an entertainment company, starting this week. So a lot of my time is going to be allocated to this. This is going to be a serious change for me, the early nights and early rises are going to be what hit me the most. I do feel like I’m back to chumps ville…I don’t mean to offend anyone that works a 9-5 at all (it will be 8-5 in my case), but it’s just not really for me anymore compared to self employment; the taxing system, the time it takes to travel to work and back, the time wasted in traffic everyday, the limited holidays, that I’m back to being woken up by an alarm clock errryday for someone else’s business!…the thought of it hurts me but it’s all a journey, learning curve and I will literally be getting paid for doing what I love and what I do everyday anyway, so I’m hoping I won’t really see it as work.

After a lengthy chat with my friend Sefa I have resided to the understanding that starting my own businesses and building apartments needs serious cash flow not the odd bits and pieces I currently get from my sales so I have to make this sacrifice of my time to pump the income into my projects. I think I definitely underestimated what was needed to turn my dreams into reality so I plan to do things a lot differently this year (2015) and go harder than ever before. I think I thought I could achieve everything without breaking a sweat and the odd graze, but that is not possible, wishful thinking eh.
I haven’t become lazy I have just got used to ‘the life in which I have become accustomed to’ (said in Mama Joyce’s voice from Real housewives of Atlanta) which is doing what I want when I want, so working with a company and having to go out everyday will take some adjusting to. Please remember I haven’t worked in this format since 8701 (2012). The networking and regular income will be a great benefit though, remember in Africa it’s not what you know it’s who you know. So working full time and having your own business is common here.

Finance wise things are definitely starting to look up compared to last year. I’m not afraid to fight for what I want so bring it on!

But honestly let me know your thoughts…is all of this a great step forward or am I going backwards and being sidetracked/taken off course of MY dream?

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