New Years Update 3: DumSor (Light off)

Hi guys,

Just finished watching the Ghana Vs Ivory Coast game for the AFCON, it was really boring until the penalty shot out that had me on the edge of my seat. I’ve gone cold inside, it is SO sad to see Ghana have lost and watch the tears on the pitch, everyone in the house has gone quiet. Ghana came so close and did an excellent job, they still deserve to be congratulated!

Well at least ECG (Ghana electricity company) have given us lights to actually watch it! In the new year the government made a promise that there will be no more light off in 2015, for us to get to February and literally have no lights at all! The light off is serious at the moment, it’s so annoying that if you don’t have a generator or fuel in it, you will be in absolute darkness. No microwave to warm food or lights to cook (we cook with gas) so you have to eat, iron, charge phones etc and work around the light off.

It is SO hot indoors so I either have to go outside and be eaten alive by the mosquitoes OR stay in and roast like a chicken, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. ECG have now been doing 24hours light off and 12hours light on. I don’t mean to sound like a complainer but this is ridiculous, it’s collapsing businesses, a lot of guest houses are closing down, well at least until this nonsense is over because the guest coming in are not enough to cover generator fuel, food, staff wages and profit – so what is the point?!

My aunt told me of a lady in the area that bakes and sells bread but the lights went off when she needed it the most so the bread didn’t rise so it couldn’t be sold so she was at the top of the road giving it away for free. Yes, people have generators but with power outages as much as this makes them absolutely too expensive to run, one friends domestic generator is costing them 20ghc per day and another who owns a small hotel is paying 600ghc per day…this is crippling to everyone yet the government refuse to act.

It is affecting the Ghana economy and our future leaders; international businesses will take their investments elsewhere, kids and students are finding it difficult to study and complete their work – it is complete madness when areas where the ministers live rarely have light off at all. They just don’t care to understand the impact this is having on the country, It is just not right! My brother which kind life be this eh?

God bless our homeland Ghana.šŸ’‹

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