Happy 58th Independance day Ghana!!

Hiiiii guys, it’s been just under 2 weeks that we haven’t spoken. I have soo much to tell you and discuss but will have to do that on Sunday as I need to get ready to go out to the premier of a new Ghanaian movie ‘I Do’. I hope all is well and life is treating you kind because I know how it can be a times.

I just wanted to drop in and wish all my Ghanaians and friends of Ghana a Happy Independence Day, no doubt if I was back in London I would be hooking up with my friends to do some sort of celebration, whether it be drinks at home or a independence party somewhere. This morning I watched the Independence day parade on the TV while doing some work from home because today is a Public Holiday so didn’t have to go into the office today, I worked through the afternoon then going to the Movie premier.

So while I watched the Parade it was just different sections of the community coming before the president and prominent figures in Ghana to put on a show, so it included; nurses, air forces, soldiers, students, those with disabilities and women motor bikers. It is also President Mahama’s wife’s (Lady Lordina Mahama) birthday today so it was a double celebration for them. It was interesting as it was my first time watching this so after the parade was over President Mahama came up to give his speech….can you believe that after greeting and highlighting the important people there…BAM! The lights went out, I was sitting there laughing because we are really suffering with this and this man has come to talk about Ghana reaching 58 years of Independence but what real contribution has he made?

Gh dumsor

How ironic that his stupid light off happened just as he came to talk, it shows that he talks for the sake of it! Ghana is meant to be in a much better state 58 years later, Kwame Nkrumah would be turning in his grave right now (god rest his soul) after all he did to get us to Independence, corruption and greed has now become the forefront of everything! It’s so sad. If it wasn’t for foreign investment where would Ghana be right now?!

I really hope we start to see some better improvements soon. Yes, it hasn’t been all bad but with all the money pumped into Ghana, it has been slow.

Anyway guys, I have to love you and leave you, we will catch up more on Sunday.


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